Welcome to the Russell Terrier Association of America!
The Russell Terrier Association of America (RTAA) was founded because of the demand for an open Russell Terrier club that welcomes every short Russell enthusiast, and does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. Our goals are promoting the breed and bringing those who love this little terrier together.

This club was founded on openness, honesty and inclusion. It is our love for the breed that brings us together. Our agenda is promoting the Russell Terrier aka FCI Jack Russell Terrier as a breed. If you are looking for an association of people who support each other and strive to make our Russell Terrier world a better place, then you will fit right in.

We operate in the American Kennel Club venue, and as such adopt the worldwide breed standard for the FCI Jack Russell Terrier. What are we going to contribute to the Russell Terrier world? Our plans are ....

  • To develop an illustrated breed standard to help both breeders and judges understand what our breed is, and just as importantly, what it is not;

  • To hold conformation matches and eventually AKC Russell Terrier Specialties;

  • To have supported entries at AKC shows throughout the US;

  • To support performance events such as Earthdog, tracking, agility, obedience, rally and any other performance event our members wish to participate in;

  • To encourage, support and help those who are just getting started in conformation or performance events;

  • To develop a network of breeders who subscribe to the AKC's and the club's Code of Ethics;

  • To establish a Canine Health Information Center (aka CHIC) to promote genetic health in our breed;

  • To establish a Register of Merit program for all members to pay tribute to top producing Russell Terrier sires and dams;

  • To showcase our conformation and performance champions;

  • To develop a program for breed mentors to help others in every phase of Russell Terrier ownership, breeding, showing and performance;

  • To encourage good sportsmanship in everything we do.
If you want to be part of a growing network of people who are dedicated to the Russell Terrier and whose goals are supporting and helping each other and the breed, we would love for you to join us!